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"I had the privilege to work with David on several high profile projects at Bayer Healthcare.  David is a consummate professional in his field with in-depth expertise, team oriented approach and with delivery of excellent work always on time. In addition, he has a great sense of humor and a large dose of flexibility which allows him to handle pressure with a smile.  Overall, I would like to give David my highest recommendation in this forum."
Dr. Istvan Molnar, Director, Global Clinical Lead, Oncology Development, Bayer Healthcare
“David is a dedicated and knowlegeable researcher. He is a good scientist and effective manager. David is capable of handling the most difficult situations with a calm and forthright demeanor. I highly regard David's scientific abilities and enjoyed working with him on drug development teams. He has a very good understanding of the drug development process.”
Dr. Louis Radulovic, Former Research Fellow at Pfizer, Inc.

“I worked with Dave for 7 years in Clinical Pharmacology at Procter and Gamble Pharmaceuticals. During that time, I had many opportunities to both work directly with Dave as well as to observe his interactions with others. As a scientist, Dave had keen insight into the critical issues associated with drug development and how to solve them without getting “lost in the forest”. Many times, this required a collaborative effort with other functions and this is an area in which Dave excels – working with others to achieve a common goal. It is this unique combination of interpersonal skills and his scientific background that makes him a much sought after colleague.”
Dr. Gary Thompson, Former Research Fellow in Clinical Pharmacology at Procter & Gamble Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

“Dave was the pharmacokinetic scientist on a key development project at P&G Pharmaceuticals. However, he took much greater ownership of the program than would be expected from his defined responsibilities. He was able to clear up a huge backlog of unissued clinical study reports, liaise with his bioanalytical colleagues to help resolve numerous bioanalytical issues, and interact closely with his clinical colleagues to maximize the reliability and effectiveness of a wide range of efficacy and safety biomarkers. His clear and effective written and oral communications with FDA and other global regulatory agencies were instrumental in achieving product approvals and favorable labeling.”
Dr. Roger Toothaker, Former Section Head in Clinical Pharmacology at Procter & Gamble Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

"I worked side-by-side with David when he was a post-doctoral fellow at the University of Kansas Medical School and we were colleagues in the R&D departments at Procter & Gamble and Pfizer Pharmaceuticals. In each of these phases of our careers, I witnessed David’s ever growing expansion of his expertise in the fields of drug metabolism, pharmacokinetics and clinical pharmacology (DMPK). He was highly regarded by both peers and management for his contributions to project teams in these fields. David made major contributions to the progression of numerous new chemical entities to market applications and drug approval. The continuing growth of David’s DMPK expertise to bring new drugs to market is exemplified by his professional growth, frequent promotions and increasing responsibilities in senior positions held in big pharma during the past 18 years of his career. David is well recognized as an expert in DMPK and the drug development process. I would highly recommend David as a consultant in this capacity."
Dr. Bill Kershaw, Former Research Scientist in Toxicology/Non-clinical DMPK/Regulatory at Proctor & Gamble Pharmaceuticals

"At Array BioPharma, David had the advantage of being detail-oriented when it came to project managment duties and being a great resource when it came to pharmacokinetics. His big pharma experience and knowledge of the literature were extremely helpful in expediting projects.”
 Dr. Ronald Franklin, Senior Director, Drug Metabolism and Pharmacokinetics Department at Array Biopharma, Inc.

“Dave is solution-oriented and grasps the big picture without losing sight of the details. He is an excellent people manager who actively looks to promote the individual talents of those who work with him. I highly recommend Dave.”
Thomas Hight, III, JD, Senior Project Manager in Clinical Development at Array BioPharma, Inc.

“Dave was the Director of the Project Planning and Management (PPM) group as well as a team co-leader for a number of projects at Array. In leading the PPM group, Dave worked to increase the efficiency and decision making process in the Clinical Development Department. Specifically, he optimized team structure and increased program team meeting effectiveness, developed a program/product review process, and worked with me to develop a protocol approval process. For each of these process improvements Dave’s experience and insight were crucial to the completion of the projects. In addition to these duties, Dave was a good manager for his group (3 project managers), providing guidance as needed to ensure all the clinical development programs progressed according to timelines, was the co-leader of three program teams, and led two Clinical Development committees that addressed the program team strategy and issues. Dave’s leadership, planning, problem solving skills, and his ability to see the “big picture” while still understanding the importance of the details made him a valuable contributor to Array. As well, Dave is very responsive, very personable, and has extensive experience across multiple disciplines (e.g. project management, pharmacokinetics, product life cycle...). These skills enable him to provide substantial guidance to drug development programs.”
Jim Lillibridge, Director of Clinical Outsourcing at Array BioPharma, Inc.

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